Whoever said internationalization was easy has never tried it.

  • 917 million speak Mandarin Chinese
  • 460 million speak Spanish, and
  • 341 million speak Hindi.

Internationalization seems simple…

A review of all possible storage options, current, future and obsolete

Client-side browser storage
  1. You’re retaining an application’s state, such as the active panel, chosen theme, input options, etc.
  2. You’re storing data locally, perhaps for practicality, performance, privacy, or pre-upload reasons.
  3. You’re creating a Progressive Web App which works offline and has no server-side requirements other than the initial download and updates.

Who needs Redux when you can code your own state manager with vanilla JS?

Use IndexedDB to Manage State in JavaScript

What do we mean by “state”?

A powerful database right there in your browser

An introduction to IndexedDB

Learn how to use this API to measure the performance of your apps

Performance meter
Performance meter
asayer.event('load-performance', {'os'      : 'Ubuntu',
'agent' : 'Firefox 88.0',
'location': 'US',
'pageload': 1522.598,
'paint' : 5969.123,
'ajaxinit': 1507.067

What is the Performance API?

Everything you ever wanted to know about Google’s Core Web Vitals Metrics

  • Blocking time — the time spent waiting to download because other assets have a higher priority
  • DNS resolution — the time taken to resolve a host name to an IP address
  • Connect time — the time required to create a…

Not all bytes are created equally

  • delays frustrate visitors and reduce sales conversions
  • users pay more for increased bandwidth requirements
  • slow sites are downgraded in Google and other search engine results
  • heavier pages increase hosting and maintenance costs
  • bloated sites are bad for the environment.

  1. directly on your local PC,
  2. using an all-in-one package such as XAMPP, or
  3. within a Virtual Machine.

How to clean your Docker data
How to clean your Docker data
docker system df

Periodic pruning

docker system prune
docker system prune -a

Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask about the DevTools

1. Use incognito mode

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