A powerful database right there in your browser

An introduction to IndexedDB

Learn how to use this API to measure the performance of your apps

Performance meter
Performance meter
asayer.event('load-performance', {'os'      : 'Ubuntu',
'agent' : 'Firefox 88.0',
'location': 'US',
'pageload': 1522.598,
'paint' : 5969.123,
'ajaxinit': 1507.067

What is the Performance API?

Everything you ever wanted to know about Google’s Core Web Vitals Metrics

  • Blocking time — the time spent waiting to download because other assets have a higher priority
  • DNS resolution — the time taken to resolve a host name to an IP address
  • Connect time — the time required to create a…

Not all bytes are created equally

  • delays frustrate visitors and reduce sales conversions
  • users pay more for increased bandwidth requirements
  • slow sites are downgraded in Google and other search engine results
  • heavier pages increase hosting and maintenance costs
  • bloated sites are bad for the environment.

  1. directly on your local PC,
  2. using an all-in-one package such as XAMPP, or
  3. within a Virtual Machine.

How to clean your Docker data
How to clean your Docker data
docker system df

Periodic pruning

docker system prune
docker system prune -a

Everything you ever wanted to know but were afraid to ask about the DevTools

1. Use incognito mode

1. Output variable names with ES6 destructuring assignment

const x = 42;console.log('variableX:', variableX);
// or
console.log(`variableX: …

Did you know your web pages have a carbon footprint?

  • 20Kb of HTML
  • 60Kb of CSS over seven files
  • 430Kb of JavaScript in 20 files
  • 26 images totalling 900Kb
  • Users: Downloading a single page on a mobile phone costs $0.29 in Canada, $0.19 in Japan, and $0.13 in the US. Those browsing in Vanuatu, Mauritania, or Madagascar pay more than 1% of their daily income.
  • Business: Slow sites rank lower in search…

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